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guard harness HELLO COLORS

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Guard harness for a dogs.

Harnesses are perfectly suited to the dog. They prevent escape due to the correct arrangement of stripes. Their characteristic Y-shaped arrangement makes it impossible to strangle the dog. It can breathe freely, even when pulling.

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Adjust the right size to your pet.



If you do not find the right size - write to us! We sew it for you! :)






15 mm - Ideal width for small breeds (i.e. Yorkshire terrier, Shih tzu, Jack Russell terrier) and for puppies and cats.

20 mm - Ideal width for dogs of smaller and medium breeds (i.e. Yorkshire terrier, Shih tzu, Jack Russell terrier, Border Collie, Hungarian Shepherd) and puppies.

25 mm - Wide band, suitable for medium and large breeds (i.e.: French Bulldog, Labrador, Pointer).


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