Mr. Fox

Ceramic cat bowl Mr. Fox - with a crown

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Hand made bowl Mr. Fox in the shape of a plate with a crown.

Dimensions: diameter about 12cm / height about 2cm + 6cm crown


The waiting time for a product up to 10 business days.

Each product is handmade and may differ from the original in the pictures.

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Two subtitles to choose from:

"Mr. Cat's bowl"

"cat's princess bowl"



Ceramic bowls Fox are hand-made.

After forming the clay, they are decorated with stamps or inscriptions. On the still wet clay are drawn ornaments and inscriptions. Unusual, protruding shapes such as ears or crowns are cut and stuck.

After drying, the bowls are fired at 900 degrees Celsius.

Then, after biscuit cleaning, glazing is performed. Typically, the method of pouring, while smaller elements are applied with a brush.

After firing at temperatures above 1200 degrees, the cups are ready.


All stages are performed manually and with attention to the smallest details. Thanks to this, a unique small work of art is created.


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