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    Cat shaped keychain with milk.   Dimensions 4x7 cm   The dimensions of the ring 2.5 cm Metal.

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  • 14,90 zł In Stock

    Crocodile shaped keychain with pontoon.   Dimensions 4x7 cm   The dimensions of the ring 2.5 cm Metal.

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    Don’t forget! Your happiness is near! You can get it in 3 colors: Black, Orange and Grey. * 100 % Handmade* Hot stamping* Leather* Width — 16 mm* Length — 85 mm* Ring — D15 mm, metal* Leather edge painting Please take into account that the product is made by hand on the customer's order. The waiting time is 3 business days.

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    Wooden key-shaped pendant with the ŁAPECZKOWO logo and nickel-plated circles.Size - wooden paw has a diameter of 4 cm, and a 2.5 cm suspension circle.

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    Glasses for a small dog or cat. The perfect gadget to stylize your pet in photos.It is not recommended to wear glasses longer than the photo requires.Dimensions: 3.2 cm x 8 cm.

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    Wicker basket, for a bike for dogs, cats and other small animals with a maximum weight of 8 kg.The grille opens up to prevent the animal from jumping out or falling out. In addition, you can remove the top grid and use the basket for transport eg purchases.

    125,00 zł
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    PIWO MUTT LYTE GOLD is a delicious beer for a dog! Lager inspired by a drink specially prepared for dogs. Created with the use of spring mountain water and an extract of carefully selected anise seeds along with natural ingredients that give a phenomenal taste.   Capacity: 120 ml

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    BOHO headband complete with a bracelet. Both products are set with Swarovski® stones. Adjustable circumference. Tied on a knot. The band is intended for dogs with a neck circumference of between 25 and 40 cm. Length Bracelets for the Guardian: 17.5 cm.   * Product on order. Waiting time about 4 business days.

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