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    Super Pinio Kruszon litter is a clumping hygienic substrate for pets, made of conifers. In the presence of liquids, they exhibit the ability to caking, which allows a simple and convenient way to maintain cleanliness and hygiene in every litter box and cage. The advantage of these products is also the fact that used grit can be removed by sanitary.

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    The substrate has natural aromas of pine or spruce wood, which create a pleasant refreshing scent around the cuvette. Super Pinio Pellet litter is a non-climating substrate for pets made of 100% natural coniferous wood - microfibres of pine and spruce trees, without any chemical additives.

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    Cat's Best

    Hygiene pellets made of 100 % plant fibres.Natural plant fibre bedding, universally suitable for virtually all small domestic pets - especially in homes where several different kinds of animals are kept.

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    Cat's Best

    For short changing intervals as well as young cats.

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    Cat's Best

    SOFT CLUMPING & NON-STICKINGCat’s Best Smart Pellets is the first cat litter in the form of clumping mini-pellets. The pellets’ special form stops them from sticking to a cat’s fur and paws, significantly reducing the problem of litter being accidentally carried out of the tray. 

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    Cat's Best

    Cat’s Best Sensitive. FIRM CLUMPING & ANTIBACTERIAL. Cat’s Best Sensitive was specially developed for sensitive cats. Bag 8 L 

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    Cat's Best

    Cat’s Best Original.CLUMPING & ENCAPSULATING.Cat‘s Best Original uses the natural power of refined active wood fibres.

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