Cat litters  

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    The substrate has natural aromas of pine or spruce wood, which create a pleasant refreshing scent around the cuvette. Super Pinio Pellet litter is a non-climating substrate for pets made of 100% natural coniferous wood - microfibres of pine and spruce trees, without any chemical additives.

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    It is a product with a neutral odor, well accepted by cats. It contains an addition of active granules. This litter does not clump, but completely absorbs the dosing liquids, partially evaporating odorlessly.Available packages: 3.8l, 7.6l, 28l (about 13kg)

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    Cat's Best

    Cat’s Best Original.CLUMPING & ENCAPSULATING.Cat‘s Best Original uses the natural power of refined active wood fibres.

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    Pink matte cuvette mat. Thanks to the outer, porous layer, it perfectly stops the litter from under the cuvette. It protects the flat from being spread by the cat across the floor.Dimensions: 40 x 60 cm.

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