Hay and straw 

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    Cat's Best

    Hygiene pellets made of 100 % plant fibres.Natural plant fibre bedding, universally suitable for virtually all small domestic pets - especially in homes where several different kinds of animals are kept.

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    The substrate has natural aromas of pine or spruce wood, which create a pleasant refreshing scent around the cuvette. Super Pinio Pellet litter is a non-climating substrate for pets made of 100% natural coniferous wood - microfibres of pine and spruce trees, without any chemical additives.

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    This is a new clumping corn litter in the Super Benek Corn gravel line. It is characterized by the characteristic appearance of rollers, whose regular shape and smooth surface effectively limit the carrying away from the cuvette. The granulate retains the properties of the maize line, characterized by its high absorbency, efficiency and effectiveness in...

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    Litter made of 100% natural, renewable raw material is completely biodegradable. Lumps of gravel are tightly bound and do not spill when the litter is pulled out of the litter box. Innovative technology of closing in a lump of unpleasant odors guarantees freshness and effective crackdown with the characteristic cat odor of urine.Available packages: 7l

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